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Dear Friend,

Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Deacon Kevin Carges and I am a Deacon with the Catholic Diocese of Rochester, New York.

With the help of others, I’ve created Deacon Kevin’s Circle of Friends. We have two goals: to raise funds for our brothers and sisters in Third World countries and to increase awareness of their living conditions.

I am a part of Eight 4 Third World Hope, which is a grassroots, faith-based volunteer organization dedicated to providing hope through aid to – and awareness of – our brothers and sisters in Third World countries. The name stands for the seven founding members of our group and the symbolic presence of Jesus guiding us in our good works

We are currently working on our third project: Building a New Basic School for Children in McCooks Pen, Jamaica. Read a full description of the project, and donate, here:

God Bless,

Deacon Kevin

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